Located in Downtown New Cumberland, right above Neato Burrito, Slice of Lime Photo is Central Pennsylvania’s Premier Senior Photographer. Established in 2011, Slice of Lime Photo is an award-winning, nationally recognized, Central Pennsylvania portrait studio that specializes in crafting fun, memorable, custom portrait experiences for tweens, teens & high school seniors that make them feel confident & at ease in front of our lens. Our photography style is inspired by fashion, style, but most importantly by each of our clients.

you are pure magic.

Be Bold. Be Vibrant. Be You.

all are welcome here.

Slice of Lime Photo is an INCLUSIVE business. All bodies, abilities, races, genders, and sexualities are accepted and welcome here. 

Can you believe that you are already at the point where you are looking into SENIOR PICTURES?? We're sure it feels like just yesterday you were walking out the door with a back­pack bigger than you were headed to kindergarten!! And yet here you are: SENIOR YEAR!

Our photography style is inspired by fashion and style. but most importantly by each of you. We truly believe that YOU ARE THE ART and we push ourselves to create not just photos that capture and celebrate who you are at this time in your life, but a fun memorable experience that you’ll remember for years to come. If you’ve found your way here, it’s because you’re most likely looking for a senior photo experience and not just “a few quick photos”. 

More than just


Paige P.

“The experience in and of itself was so fun, but Emil made it a blast. I simultaneously felt like I was just having fun with a friend, while getting the best pictures taken of me ever. I was really anxious going into my senior year about getting pictures taken; I felt as if they wouldn’t be good because I wouldn’t be able to create cool outfits, poses, or even decide on where I wanted them to be. Emil helped me pick out what clothes I wanted that fit my style, helped pick out the best locations in Downtown, and by the time I left, I felt like I had a masterclass in posing! I loved running around Downtown Harrisburg together where Emil would see an ornate object and immediately go, “hey, you think you can climb on top of that?” The biggest thing for me was leaving my session feeling like a different person. I left a confident person who was sure of herself. Slice of Lime truly embodies the luxury photography experience, and I’m so thankful I went to her for my pictures. Senior pictures are meant to be really special, and Emil made sure of that. Every senior becomes a model molded by Emil, and everyone I know who has gone there has raving reviews of her. We love you Emil!”

“I love how at home I felt. I had just met Emil a few times but felt as if we had been friends forever.”


With cell phone cameras continually advancing and the easy accessibility to high quality cameras, pretty much everyone you know has a nice camera! But just like having a top of the line chef’s kitchen doesn’t guarantee you’re going to be the new Top Chef, owning a nice camera doesn’t guarantee professional level image because there’s so much more that goes into the making of an image, and the click of the shutter is just one teeny part of that. Senior year is NOT the time leave your memories to an iphone and a filter editing pack on the App store. 

At Slice, we have the knowledge and skills be able to help our clients choose what to wear, guide and direct them through posing, give advice on locations, and more importantly, Emil has become known for having a creative eye to not only know how to achieve professional results in a variety of lighting situations, but also bring out the absolute best from her clients. When seniors and teens walk through the doors of our studio, we want them to know that the are free to be exactly who they are! You goofy, silly, and playful and want lots of smiley photos that just ooze happy vibes? Let's do it! You a fashionista that rivals Emma Chamberlain and want to feel like you're shooting for the next issue of Vogue? Then get the smize ready and let's rock it. You a senior guy, who's parent is dragging you against your will for senior photos? No worries, we got you and brace yourself, because you may just actual find yourself actually having fun. 

We embrace YOU no matter the mood, the vibe, or style you want to achieve during your session. 

a style

It's a vibe, it's


Slice of Lime Photography is a Central Pennsylvania Teen and High School Senior Portrait Photographer | Serving Harrisburg, Hershey, Mechanicsburg, Lancaster, York, & Surrounding Areas

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