This year, we once again got an amazing selection of applications from 12 different local schools. 12!!! Always amazes me when those applications start rolling in to read about the good our applicants are doing in the community, what inspires them, and WHY they want to be a part of the Street Team.

With a lot of heart & effort from some of my current Street Team girls, we went through each of our applications again and again, and you have been invited to attend the next step in the application process, which is an Applicant Info Meeting!

We will be having a few time choices for meetings that you can attend. The applicant meeting will take place at Slice of Lime Photography, 2601 North Front Street, Harrisburg, PA 17110 on Sunday, November 25, 2018. You will have the choice of attending one of two meetings that day. Click HERE to choose your time.

As part of your application process, your parents are also required to attend a meeting. They are invited to choose date/time for their meeting with Emil as well. They can click HERE to choose their time.  Those meetings will also take place at Slice of Lime Photography, 2601 North Front Street, Harrisburg, PA 17110.

Last year we made the decision to separate the parent and the applicant informational meetings to allow for parents to freely ask questions without the Street Team applicants covering their faces in embarrassment and horror, ha ha ha. Besides that, we find that it puts the applicants more at ease and encourages more interactions with our current Street Team members and other applicants, so we get a better feel of who they are and how they will connect with others on the team if they are invited to join the team. Last year the girls loved this set up and we loved it too!!

Once again, not everyone who applied will be on the final team; but we want the opportunity to get to put faces to names and meet applicants in person before our final decisions are made. Congrats on making it to the next round! Scroll down to read more!

What Can I Expect at the INFO MEETINGS?

At the Info Meetings, you can expect to meet Emil and some of the other Slice of Lime team, including current Street Team members. There you will be treated to some snacks and drinks and you will get to mingle with other applicants. This Meet and Greet will give us a chance to get to know each of you better, ask any additional questions we may have for you before making our final decisions on who will be on the Class of 2020 team, and it will also give you a chance to interact with other applicants as well. We will be doing a short Q & A session with Class of 2018 Street Team members and Emil, which will give you a chance to ask any questions about the program that you may have. You will also get a chance to see Slice of Lime prints, products and publications Emil and Street Team members have been published in!

What does it cost to be on the Street Team?

As noted previously on the application site, there is a $125 program fee to join the street team. Besides the $125 program fee (which is due upon your acceptance to be on the team), other fees associated with Street Team membership are the hair and make up fee for our Editorial shoots. We work with an amazing hair and make up team who does our hair and make up for our editorials at a discount! The cost of hair and make up for the editorial shoots varies based on the complexity of the make up.  Any time a make up fee is required for our shoots, the fee is due on the day of our Editorial shoots and is paid directly to the hair and make up team, not Slice of Lime.

There will be additional opportunities to participate in editorial/styled shoots throughout the year, however, those are optional and it is up to you to decide if you wish to participate. Upon acceptance to the team, dates of the Editorial shoots will be shared.

For the Class of 2020, we will also be introducing our first ever Street Team Destination shoot. This shoot will also be optional and provide our Street Team the opportunity to collaborate on a destination shoot with Emil and another street team from another state. This opportunity will be open to any Street Team members on the current team of the Class of2019 team as well.

All Street Team members are paying Slice of Lime clients.  Slice of Lime Senior Photography Sessions for 2019- 2020  season start at $895 with the average investment being $1300. 

What is the time commitment to be on the Street Team?

There are THREE mandatory events for Street Team members:

  • February 2019: Get-to-Know You Hang Out
  • Spring/Summer 2019 : (1) Editorial Group Shoot with Hair and Make up (this may also require a fitting for wardrobe)
  • Your Individual Senior Session to be scheduled between June-November 2019. As a Street Team member, you get first dibs on my schedule.

Community Service projects, additional styled shoots, possible destination sessions, and Street Team hang outs are optional, though these additional events are what are going to really allow you to get to know and connect with seniors from other schools!!

What’s so different about being on the Street Team vs. just booking Slice for my Senior Pictures?

While any paying client can choose to book Slice of Lime for their senior photos, only our Street Team gets to participate in our editorial shoots, in our shoots for local boutiques such as Taylored for You, and in our exclusive meet ups, contests, and get togethers. In addition, Slice of Lime Street team members have had the honor of being published on National Senior Photography blogs and publications in addition to features on senior photography social media accounts as well. This coming year, Slice of Lime interns will exclusively be selected from among the Class of 2020 Street Team; this will not be open to those outside of the Street Team. And for the parents? The Street Team members can earn credit towards their senior session by referring friends!

In November 2017, Emil was awarded ICON status in senior industry magazine, Senior Style Guide’s Hot 100 Contest. The Hot 100 contest recognizes the Top 100 senior photographers across the world. Last year’s contest had 8, 315 images submitted from photographers from all over the world. Emil was awarded ICON status as TWO of her images won in two separate categories!  The winning images were of Class of 2017 Street Team members. In addition, Emil was the cover feature for the December 2017 issue of Senior Style Guide magazine. In June 2018, Emil and the Street Team were invited to participate in the Senior Style Guide’s exclusive Fashion Issue.

As a nationally recognized and award-winning senior photographer, Emil has been a guest speaker on The Twelfth Year, a senior photographer education community that offers free webinars, education, and online tools to help senior photographer businesses grow. In the past Emil has been a guest fashion blogger, for Seniorolgie, another senior photography industry leader, where past Slice Seniors have also been regularly featured. These accolades provide the Street Team seniors with unique opportunities to have their images published in industry magazines, blogs, and participate in one of kind collaboration shoots with Emil.

But more important than features, the Slice of Lime Street team members become the face of Slice of Lime Photography in their schools and in the community. Because they are featured on our marketing materials and website and are sharing about Slice of Lime on their social media accounts, they are often approached by friends to learn about all things Slice of Lime.  As such, we are very selective and meticulous about who we trust with that responsibility.

We include a Code of Conduct in our Street Team contracts which include a no tolerance policy for bullying as well as drug and alcohol usage. We also ensure that we are talking with our Street Team about responsible social media habits and usage. As we have seen here in our own community, what happens on social media is not always private and can have serious repercussions when not used responsibly.

We believe in empowering our Street Team to build each other up, embrace their individuality, what makes them unique, while at the same time, being role models for others. Throw in a love of fashion and style and a heart for giving back, and THAT is what the Slice of Lime Street is all about.

Be sure to read through everything above in detail. Bring any questions you may have with you to the meetings! I’m beyond excited to meet you!! See you soon!!