Hello! Stephanie here bringing you the first of several posts taking you behind the scenes with each of our Senior Spokesmodels.

Now, who wouldn’t just love a girl who is sweet, outgoing, funny and as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside. I admire Autumn for so many reasons. Her dedication to her family, her school work, her friends, her faith and her many talents. Autumn was super easy to style as she innately has great taste and exudes effortless beauty that obviously shined in Emil’s photographs.

When we met Autumn, she had her hair straightened and my instinct told me to set her natural curls free! Because Autumn is so easy going and trusted me, we went for it. Oh boy did it pay off :)

Slice of Lime Portfolio Images_0264

Q: What was your favorite outfit from your shoot? Why?

A: My favorite outfit from the shoot was probably the red high-low skirt with the black top. It was an outfit I’ve wanted to wear somewhere for so long but never really got the chance to! It made me feel really confident and was just a gorgeous outfit (put together by the lovely Slice Stylist!) and my favorite pictures from the shoot are in that outfit for sure.

Behind the Scenes Senior Photography_0059

Q: What do you think your style says about you?

A: I don’t categorize myself as having a specific style, so I think the way I dress says that I’m individual and different. I wear what I like regardless of what others think!

Q: Where do you get your style inspiration?

A: I get my inspiration a lot from Tumblr honestly! It’s a blogging website and I see a lot of cute outfits on there that I don’t see other people wearing and I try and recreate them with my own outfits!

Q: In just a line or two, how would your friends describe you?

A: I think my really close friends would describe me as crazy! Haha but a lot of people tell me I’m funny, have good taste in music, and that I am really easy to talk to.

Q: What advice would you give other seniors when they’re booking their session with Slice of Lime?

A: As cliché and corny as this is about to sound, my advice for seniors booking their shoots with Slice of Lime would be to just have fun and be yourself! Everything about my spokesmodel shoot was so fun and enjoyable and I cannot wait for my senior shoot! Just letting go and being carefree makes the whole process a million times more fun for everyone. Don’t hold back! The whole point of Slice Seniors is to match things to your personality and who you are and what you like. Be yourself and just have fun & the pictures will turn out great!

Behind the Scenes Senior Photography_0060

Q: What was your favorite part of the experience with Slice of Lime?

A: My favorite part of my experience so far with Slice of Lime was probably getting my hair and makeup done before my shoot! I mean what girl wouldn’t love getting her hair and makeup done? Eva, at Lush 317 made me look absolutely flawless and definitely boosted my confidence level before the shoot!

Behind the Scenes Senior Photography_0058

Q: What makes you feel alive? Absolutely giddy inside?

A:Something (well two things actually) that makes me feel alive would be dancing and cheerleading but in two totally different ways. Dancing because it’s a big part of my life and who I am. Dance is like my escape and it makes me happy. Cheerleading more so in the adrenaline sense of feeling alive inside. In cheer, I’m a flyer & learning/perfecting new stunts with my group is such a rush! I love practicing new things and being a flyer definitely gives me that giddy feeling inside.



  1. Gail Lewis says:

    Autumn is my granddaughter and my best friend (along with her mom)! This interview is so her! Thanks to Slice of Lime, and the stylists/artists that prepared her. She had a great time! The pics are incredible! And, I agree, this girl is beautiful, smart and funny!So proud of her! Thanks for giving her this experience!

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