Greetings! Stephanie signing in to share another Q&A session with our beautiful Slice Senior Rep – Cheyenne. Emil  heard of Cheyenne through a mutual color guard friend. Cheyenne was described as a smart, caring and fun-loving student who would be a great candidate for the Slice Senior Rep Program. When I finally got to meet her, I immediately sensed her intelligence, natural beauty and kind and gentle heart.

The only word I can use to describe Cheyenne’s shoot is magical. From daydreaming under a tree filled with literature to dancing in the illuminating sunset, it took only the smallest accessories to make Cheyenne shine. When I asked Cheyenne more about where she gets her style inspiration, here is what she had to say:

Central PA Styled Senior Photography_0091

Q: What was your favorite outfit from your shoot? Why?

A: My favorite Outfit from my shoot would have to be my flower dress with the denim shirt because – even though its “dressy” it has to be one of the most comfortable things to wear and I feel like it reflects my style perfectly. Not to mention it has yellow flowers on it (my favorite color!).

Central PA Styled Senior Photography_0090

Q: What do you think your style says about you?

A: My style represents who I am and I think that it would say that I like to stay chic and cute but also comfortable. My clothes also bring in a down-to- earth kind of feel to me.

Central PA Styled Senior Photography_0095

Q: Where do you get your style inspiration?

A: I mostly get my style inspiration from magazines and celebrities but I’m not the type of girl who has to have all the latest trends. I tend to shop for what I think would look good on me.

Q: In just a line or two, how would your friends describe you?

A: My friends would describe me as a caring, down-to-earth girl who can be trusted if they ever needed anyone to help them through something.Central PA Styled Senior Photography_0097

Q: What advice would you give other seniors when they’re booking their session with Slice of Lime?

A: I would advise to make sure that you come into it open-minded and trust Emil and Stephanie…they know what they are doing. Oh and have fun too! Having fun is the most key factor because if you aren’t having fun it will show through in the pictures.

Q: What was your favorite part of the experience with Slice of Lime?

A: My favorite experience of Slice of Lime is that they were able to capture what I had in my head almost perfectly and that there was a whole experience to it. Having the pictures done with Slice was not a cookie cutter experience and with all the different aspects it truly made it so enjoyable.

Central PA Styled Senior Photography_0098

Q: What makes you feel alive? Absolutely giddy inside?

A: I feel the most alive when dancing. Dancing is my passion and when I am in the middle of a show I feel everything fade away; the nerves, the stress, everything goes away and is replaced by happy emotions. At the end I am my happiest because its the most wonderful feeling to let everything go and just experience the music and choreography.

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