Today Stephanie’s commandeering the blog with some styling inspiration…..

The number one rule in pulling off the rocker chic look is that there are NO rules. I could go on for days about the elements and looks that fit into this category…black and white…punk rock…denim…leather…studs….spikes… the list goes on and on.

The other BEAUTIFUL thing about the rocker chic look is that there is no commitment to any one decade of style. The 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and 90’s rock styles can all be sandwiched together for one killer look.

I know there is a little bit of a rock star inside you! Here’s how to find it!

Who doesn’t think of rock ‘n’ roll when you hear the name Joan Jett? (If you don’t know who she is – – Google her ASAP!) She used her edgy, tough girl attitude and one-of-a-kind look that incorporated tough materials like leather, chains, studs and animal prints to pull off her stage persona. Integrating one or more of those elements into an outfit will help you channel Joan’s gritty style.

rocker chick 3

2 Words. Kate. Moss. Though Kate has shown no musical talent herself, she has hung on the arms of plenty of rock stars in her day. And as the spokes model for Rimmel Cosmetics, she’s paid to sport ‘the ultimate rock chic look’. Her look is striking and quite simple – old cut-up band t-shirts, tight dark denim, and leather. Add some spiked and studded accessories and you’re golden.

Rocker Chick 1

There may not be one rock star in particular you’re trying channel. For the fail-proof quintessential rock glam look, my advice is to go classic black and white. Show off a more feminine, softer side with statement-making stripes balanced with cropped shorts and ankle boots.

Rocker Chic 2

Central PA Styled Senior Photography_0029


So if you want experiment with style and may not quite fit the “rocker” mold, worry not. Rocker chic style can cover a wide range of artistically talented personalities.

Let’s recap on embracing your inner alternative goddess.

Closet must haves:

–          Demin – ripped, black, white, blue, studded…lots of demin

–          Leggings

–          Leather (or if you’re an animal lover, faux leather)

–          Spikes. Spiked boots. Spiked earrings. Spiked belt.

–          Bands! Your dad’s old concert t-shirts or Forever 21 David Bowe Tanks will work just as well

This is a look and feel you can hold onto for a very long time. As the past few decades has proven, ROCK NEVER DIES!













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