Here again is Slice Stylist, Stephanie, with our Fashion File Friday post giving our Senior Boys a bit of guidance on how to dress to look their best at their senior sessions. Take it away, Stephanie!




Dude, a lot of the time when styling senior girls it is the small things that matter most when it comes to their senior portraits. And that’s no different when it comes to high school senior boys. Guys, I know you typically don’t come with all the accouterments that our senior girls do, however, here are a few simple pointers that will go a long way in making you stand out from the crowd in your senior portraits.

  • I hope you realize the power of the button down. The button down is one of the few ways to automatically appear classier and more mature. It can be worn with a tie, open with a t-shirt and my favorite layered with cardigans, long-sleeve shirts or sweaters.

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  • Wear clothes that fit! Your shirt should stop at your hip. Although it doesn’t need to be skin-tight, make sure your shirt flows closely around your body. Even for the street-chic look where clothes can hang more loosely, it is important for the camera to still capture you and for you to not get lost in unnecessary fabric.
  • Make sure you pull up your pants! To be honest, it just looks sloppy. Unless you have some serious swag, saggy pants they are nearly impossible to pull off.

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  • For you tall and lanky seniors, I suggest they shop in the tall section at their favorite stores. You can find these sizes easily at Eddie Bauer  and J. Crew. Very important to visit the Big & Tall section. With slim waists, these modified-sized shirts are wide under the arms, causing you to look like a balloon!
  • For you guys that may be heavier around the waist, I suggest either vertical stripped shirts or polo shirts. This style is not distracting and can actually be flattering to their body type.
  • Wearing a select group of colors based on your skin tone and eye color can really make a difference. Some colors will go well with the undertones of their skin and make the color of your eyes really pop while others may do the opposite.

Cool Skin Tones: Advise your seniors to pick out wardrobe pieces that have “cool” colors like white, black, royal blue, gray, navy, etc. Think of colors that remind you of water, sea, and sky. When in doubt, you can’t go wrong with one of these.

Warm Skin Tones: Warm tones look great in “earthy” shades like burnt orange, cream, yellow, brown, dark green, and red. Again, when in doubt, these are your basics.

  • Khakis are a sound investment, possibly one of the most versatile components in a guy’s wardrobe. These cotton slacks aren’t what they used to be. They come in all kinds of colors and cuts so guys can wear a pair that best fits their personality. With this look, shirts can remain untucked or tucked in, both giving off that not so casual feel. Khakis can help pull off any variety of looks from a preppy look to a more urban look with flannels, beanies, and layers. Khakis are easily transitioned across a variety of styles. I paired our senior’s Khakis with white Converses to compliment his classy but fun personality. (Oh and flat front pants only please. Pleats don’t belong on any young man under the age of 40.)

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Unfortunately the local boutique options are much more limited when it comes to guy styles, but there are other routes to take to get the look you want for your senior shoot. If you’re into music, I suggest a guitar shop that may sell band t-shirts. If you lean more towards the clean-cut scholar,  J. Crew and Banana Republic are your go-tos. If you are more into trendy styles and pop culture, I suggest stores such as H&M and Urban Outfitters.

So stick to the basics: clothes that fit well and colors that compliment, and you’re sure to score stud status.



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