It’s been a little over a month since Julia’s shoot and Stephanie and I are still gushing about our time with Julia.

Julia was the DREAM senior client. Her excitement for her senior portrait experience extended from the minute she met me for the first time, to her consultation with Stephanie, to the final shot of the day (right after I almost got eaten by a brown recluse spider).

She was beaming. Seriously beaming. That smile and laugh you are about to experience in the pictures below? That was genuine and real and accompanied with endless gratitude and “I’m so excited!” “I feel so pretty!” throughout her entire shoot. Her grandmother and her mom, tagged along for Julia’s shoot and I loved having them be a part of Julia’s styled senior portrait experience just as much as I enjoyed Julia. Seriously awesome company and I loved how much they wanted this shoot to be something really special for Julia.

In the short period of time I got to spend with Julia and her “entourage”, I could see just how much heart this kiddo has and just how much she is loved by her family. If she continues to approach life with the excitement, gratitude, and heart I got to experience during our time together…I have no doubt that this kiddo will soar.

Here are a few…ok, well maybe more than a few…of our favorites from Julia’s session.  It will be easy to see from these shots just how much Julia loves BOOKS!  ENJOY!


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  1. Julia says:

    I feel so cool! The blog is amazing! Thank you so much!!!!!

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