I don’t think the word “stunning: fully captures Malllika in these photos. Everyone, EVERYONE who has seen photos from our shoot raves about her look and about her gorgeous long hair; however, Mallika’s beauty goes far beyond being skin deep. Read on to learn more about her and leave her some love in the comments!


Harrisburg Area Senior Photographer_0101

How would your friends describe you? 
Funny, helpful, thoughtful, passionate

Harrisburg Area Senior Photographer_0098

Tell me a little about your involvement in school & in the community: (sports, church, volunteer work, etc.)
I play on my high school tennis team. I’m involved in different school clubs like orchestra, Youth and Government, Student Council, and Yearbook. I also volunteer as a rehearsal assistant in Festival of Strings, which is the youth orchestra of the Hershey Symphony.Harrisburg Area Senior Photographer_0099Harrisburg Area Senior Photographer_0100Harrisburg Area Senior Photographer_0105What accomplishment are you most proud of up to this point in your life?
I’m most proud of a solo dance performance I had four years ago. It was a three-hour long performance that took me two years to prepare for, and even though in hindsight there are things I could have done better, this performance really taught me to be be determined, work hard, and enjoy the little things in life. Harrisburg Area Senior Photographer_0102What INSPIRES you? 
I’m greatly inspired by other photographers. Brooke Shaden is one of my biggest role models, and her work has strongly influenced me to look at everything around me– from a box of tissues to the changing leaves– in a new, creative light. Photographer Brandon Stanton (Humans of New  York)  has also inspired me with his photos of the diverse peoples he interviews to care more about the people around me and to maintain a sense of curiosity. Similarly, National Geographic photographers have inspired me to take risks, care about the planet, and keep exploring. All of these photographer have inspired me to constantly change my perspective, learn new ideas, and enjoy life.Harrisburg Area Senior Photographer_0104How do you define STYLE? How do you define BEAUTY? 
I define style as how people present themselves in the way they like and feel comfortable with– it’s a way for people to express themselves physically. I would define beauty as being comfortable in your own skin and being confident in yourself, regardless of how beauty has been defined in the past.Harrisburg Area Senior Photographer_0103

Hair & Make up:  Salon Noti, Lemoyne, PA

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