You would think from looking at these photos, that Fiona is America’s Next Top Model and has been doing the modeling thing for years. Strikingly beautiful and just as kind to boot, Fiona did an excellent job and we had a blast. Shout out once again to the team at Salon Noti for hair and make up and Stephanie for putting together the look.  And also a huge thank you to my friend, Lia, for scoring this “dress”, a vintage slip, at an antique market for $13. There could not have been a better dress for Fiona! But enough with the chatter, here are our favorites from Fiona’s individual shots.

~Enjoy! Central PA Family Photographer_0121

How would your friends describe you? 
First and foremost my friends would describe me as being tall. Other than that I suppose they would know me for being dramatic and outgoing. I have also been described as creative and just in general “outside the box”. Central PA Family Photographer_0122
Tell me a little about your involvement in school & in the community: (sports, church, volunteer work, etc.)
At school I am involved in both the Fall play and musical. During the day I balance a schedule of AP and Honors courses. After school I go to rehearsal, then come home and do my homework. In the fall play this year I played Elizabeth Proctor in the Crucible and now I am currently in Peter Pan. During the weekends I work at Giant and I regularly attend both of my parents churches (they are both pastors). I used to play tennis on the school team but I simply did not have enough time this year. I am also a part of our schools auditioned chorus group, Wildcat Singers. This year we have had performances at many places including the Navy Depot and local nursing homes. I am very busy but I love everything that I do. Central PA Senior Photographer_0123
What accomplishment are you most proud of up to this point in your life?
My proudest accomplishments have mostly been different parts that I have gotten to play onstage (Elizabeth Proctor, the Fairy Godmother, the Mad Hatter, etc.). I am also proud of my varsity letter that I earned from Tennis and my Honor Roll status.Central PA Senior Photographer_0124
What INSPIRES you? 
Humanity inspires me. I am constantly motivated to understand humans and their complex feelings and inner workings. I think this is very applicable to real life and it inspires me to be the best friend and person that I can be so that I am there for others and able to understand them in their times of need. Humanity also inspires me onstage as it gives me the drive to truly understand my character. Central PA Senior Photographer_0125
How do you define STYLE? How do you define BEAUTY? 
I think style is a way of expressing who you are as a person and how you are feeling. It is a way of accentuating your best features inside and out. True beauty is the essence of good that is within every person.Central PA Senior Photographer_0126Central PA Senior Photographer_0127

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