I have few words for how magical it was to create these.  I’ve had a stirring in my soul to make some pictures that were a bit different than my usual work and allowed me to get a bit free than I would during a commissioned senior shoot. These three lovelies, Autumn, Alexa, and Claudia, joined me without hesitation, at the crack of dawn, to create these. The looming threat of thunderstorms had  us a little nervous, but it proved to be a total false alarm as the heavy storms never made it over our way.

It was beyond soul fueling to have gotten to hang out with these girls and do a “college send off” of sorts with this shoot.

~Enjoy. Central PA Senior Photographer_0060Central PA Senior Photographer_0061Central PA Senior Photographer_0062Central PA Senior Photographer_0113
Central PA Senior Photographer_0064Central PA Senior Photographer_0065Central PA Senior Photographer_0066Central PA Senior Photographer_0067Central PA Senior Photographer_0068Central PA Senior Photographer_0069Central PA Senior Photographer_0070Central PA Senior Photographer_0071Central PA Senior Photographer_0072Central PA Senior Photographer_0073Central PA Senior Photographer_0074Central PA Senior Photographer_0075Central PA Senior Photographer_0076Central PA Senior Photographer_0077Central PA Senior Photographer_0078Central PA Senior Photographer_0079Central PA Senior Photographer_0080Central PA Senior Photographer_0081Central PA Senior Photographer_0082Central PA Senior Photographer_0083Central PA Senior Photographer_0084Central PA Senior Photographer_0085Central PA Senior Photographer_0086Central PA Senior Photographer_0087Central PA Senior Photographer_0088Central PA Senior Photographer_0089Central PA Senior Photographer_0090Central PA Senior Photographer_0091Central PA Senior Photographer_0092Central PA Senior Photographer_0093Central PA Senior Photographer_0094Central PA Senior Photographer_0095Central PA Senior Photographer_0096Central PA Senior Photographer_0097Central PA Senior Photographer_0098Central PA Senior Photographer_0102Central PA Senior Photographer_0100
Central PA Senior Photographer_0101
Central PA Senior Photographer_0103Central PA Senior Photographer_0104Central PA Senior Photographer_0105Central PA Senior Photographer_0106Central PA Senior Photographer_0107Central PA Senior Photographer_0108Central PA Senior Photographer_0109Central PA Senior Photographer_0111
Central PA Senior Photographer_0112Central PA Senior Photographer_0110

  1. Gail Lewis says:

    Breathtakingly beautiful! These young ladies look like wood nymphs!

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