Hey Slice Seniors! If you’ve been searching for the perfect senior prom inspo but you aren’t sure that the classic glamour look is for you, then this blog post on a bohemian prom look is definitely for you. I’ll be using my personal look from last spring as an example but will also be sure to include a few other options for you guys to draw inspiration from! Dividing up the ideal boho look between hair, accessories, and (obviously) the dress will give you a clear cut path to finding your own unique bohemian look!

First off is The Dress – starting on Pinterest is the easiest way to find dresses that fit under the key words that you feel describe your ideal prom look. Try words like “boho” “bohemian gown” and definitely “Free People gown”. I personally wore a Free People dress last year and without it my look would not have pulled together at all. By using the colors of the accents on my dress I was able to then look into accessories & shoes etc.

The color of the dress is key as well, matching your skin tone to what looks best on you but still fits your personality and expression. I chose a navy blue and black combination, and although most people say a dark gown in the spring is a no go, I went for it and it looked great so wear what you think works best.


Next I focused on finding the right accessories that fit well with the bohemian look that I was aiming for and luckily I have an amazing shop right in my hometown called Knock Knock Boutique that had everything I was looking for. The detailing on my dress involved a lot of mixed metals that screamed for both light and dark copper tones as well as tarnished gold which I matched with rings, necklaces and an armband. With the plunging V that my dress had I knew that a choker would be neccesary and I luckily found a tarnished gold chain linked one that matched some of the beading on the back of my dress. To really bring out the bohemian vibe of the look I searched everywhere for an arm band that would match the dress and I lucked out once again at Knock Knock and bought three of their versatile “snake” necklace/bracelet pieces. I got the mixed metal, tarnished gold, as well as the copper bands and used them as both bracelets and an arm band. The next thing I bought were rings, lots and lots of rings. By layering rings both midi and regular of all different metals and stones it really helps to pull the accessories of a boho prom look together. Just don’t forget that you will most likely be wearing a corsage on one wrist so don’t buy too many bracelets!

Lastly you can focus on your hair, and more specifically the accessories that you can put into your hair because in bohemian looks there are no boundaries. If you saw the Polyvore Board that I posted on the Instagram  (which you should totally follow if you aren’t already) you’ll see that I included pictures of hair chains as well as a few headpieces which pair well with any hair type. Personally I chose to middle part my hair and rocked a copper headpiece that I bought from Forever 21, but if they aren’t your thing, find a way to work in small or large braiding, teased ponytails, and even feathers or flowers – which Claudia used in her look last spring


lols, quick hair selfie


Thanks for reading and stay posted for more coming down the pike!

– Slice Seniors Stylist Alexa

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