Hi Slice Seniors! Claudia here…

With Senior Portrait Season getting ready to go into full gear in the next few weeks, we want to give our Slice Seniors a dose of fashion inspiration to help them piece together their outfits for their upcoming shoots!

Comfy and casual can still look fashionable and chic…so for our seniors who love their basic tee but are not feeling that “basic vibe” for their senior shoot, I am here to help! One of the most important factors of both your shoot and your day-to-day outfits is that you can make that “basic” outfit not so basic by adding personal tweaks.

So where to even start for inspiration?  My favorite places to look for inspiration are Instagram, Pinterest, Nylon Magazine, and several brand’s catalogs — especially Free People. My favorite t-shirt is literally any project social T tee, they never fail to be the cutest “cut.”  I also love to go to Polyvore to create custom style boards like I did below. If Polyvore is too overwhelming for you, I always recommend Pinterest where we have gathered some inspiration for you as well.

Screen Shot 2016-06-03 at 12.13.07 PM

For the boho girl, pairing a simple tee with a detailed bottom is your best option. By keeping your “basic tee” look that you are going for, a touch of detail will not hurt. For Kirsten, we chose a fringe short with a metal belt, which exemplifies how easy it is to remain comfortable yet chic. She stuck to neutrals, which is why without her detailed bottom, the outfit would not have highlighted her personal style. By choosing a main focus, a detailed bottom in this case, you are able to achieve the comfortable yet cute & original look that will look great in your photos. A few other examples of this “detailed bottom” are embroidered shorts, patterned pants, and colored skirts, all of which look amazing paired with a basic tee.

Central PA Senior Photographer_0061

For the soft grunge girl — the one who loves her black, gray, and, oh yeah…more black. If you are  worried about not being able to style your favorite basic tee, have no fear. One of the best things about shooting in a darker color is that your small little details are key and will stand out! Whether you are wearing a tee  that is distressed with holes all throughout, or one with mini silver skulls (which I totally dig!), there are ways to make even the slightest thing pop. Pairing your distressed shirt with a white tank underneath brings attention to each little rip while also keeping that casual look you are going for. Alexa is seen wearing a worn, gray tee with embellishments of tiny metal skulls. Paired with ripped jeans, your eyes are immediately drawn to the detail on her shirt rather than her pants because of the color contrast. Simple black jewelry and platform sandals complete the look by accentuating her love for all things dark.

Central PA Senior Photographer_0063

And last, but certainly not least, for the girl who loves her plain t-shirt and jeans. Layers, layers, and more layers — also known as your best friend when wearing basics (and layers always photograph great!) Pairing a scoop neck tee with a lace bralette, white jean jacket, and a ton of jewelry adds all different details making casual and comfy look not-so basic anymore. Layers serve the purpose of both allowing you to add pops of color here and there and having the ability to dress your tee up or down. In my case, I chose to dress my tee down by pairing it with ripped jeans and a white jean jacket. I stuck to my favorite stone (turquoise), and used it to pull the look together by having pops of it within every jewelry piece. The accessories are really where you can accentuate your personal favorites — in my case that would be natural stones. Finishing the look off with my white crackle vans, I would say it is shoot ready!

Central PA Senior Photographer_0066

Stay (not-so) basic ladies,

xo Claudia

Central PA Senior Photographer_0062

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