I love snowy December days as much as the next person, but I often have trouble styling the perfect outfits for days spent going in and out of stores. Layering is the perfect solution to fight the freezing temperatures but also stay comfortable inside. With the many scarves, beanies, flannels, and fluffy jackets, it’s easy to show off your unique style through the winter.

Living on the east coast, it’s a necessity to make the layering trend your own. But you don’t have to run to the mall for all the latest trends!! Let’s be honest, a lot of current fashion trends are reboots of styles from along ago! So, a lot of simple pieces from Goodwill, Community Aid, and Salvation Army can be paired together to create an outfit that will leaving people thinking “How?”, when it’s easier than it looks!  

It’s important to remember when you’re out looking for layering pieces not to be afraid to mix patterns or prints! Winter colors like neutrals, pinks, and black always pair well together making it easy to find coordinating pieces. But if you prefer more loud and vibrant colors, theres no shortage of awesome coats out there for the more sassy fashionistas that want something more bold! So, rather than throwing on sweats and that big hoodie tempting you from your closet this winter, try jeans, a turtleneck, scarf, warm coat, and some boots instead.

If you want to add a little flair to your winter wear, look for jackets and coats with fur lined hoods. Many hoods are detachable for those days when having a hood is just a bit too much; giving a winter coat not just versatility but style.

Layers allow you to peel pieces off as you transition indoors, ensuring that what’s underneath still looks amazing, allowing you to rock a killer winter style both indoors and out.

If you’re a fan of the off the shoulder looks like Street Team member, Lydia is, don’t be afraid to still rock the off-the shoulder look during the winter! With layers to keep you warm while you’re outside, you can peel those layers off and show off your shoulders while you’re hanging out inside reading a book or filling your belly with cookies at your holiday gatherings. 

And easy-peasy…once you’re done hanging out inside, you throw those layers back on and boom. You’re ready to head out to explore the town and check out all the Christmas lights with your BFF. 

Use our own street team members, Lydia and Jillian as inspiration and post your own version of it on Instagram! Don’t forget to tag @sliceofseniorstyle so we can see it too!



Lydia’s outfit

Sweater- Urban Outfitters

Jeans- Urban Outfitters

Boots- UGG

Jacket- H&M

Beanie- H&M

Scarf- Madewell


Jillian’s outfit

Turtleneck- Express

Flannel- Community Aid Thrift Store

Jeans- H&M

Boots- Doc Martens

Jacket- Forever 21

Beanie- Forever 21

Scarf- Urban Outfitters


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