Where to even begin?

When I start brainstorming shoots for my street teams from year to year, it’s often just a wish mash of ideas or images that start with a Pinterest Board, that serves as my “central brain dump” for each specific idea.

From there, the idea morphs and ends up with the final images you see below.

But to keep it real…let me tell ya, pulling off a shoot like this is rarely stress free and being a one-woman show, a lot of the work that goes into finding what I need for shoots, happens with me, myself, and I.

I got asked many times about the phones I used in the shoot and let me tell ya….sourcing those phones looked like: digging through huuuuuge bins and bins of crap at the Goodwill outlet, sans gloves for about an hour and a half.

If you’ve never been to a Goodwill outlet, oh my lord, it’s a treasure trove of discarded items and it’s up to you to dig around to find what you’re looking for. I was a total newbie to the Goodwill Outlet thing, and very quickly saw that all the veterans around me were donning work gloves to dig around in the bins.

I ran out of time to dig any longer at the Goodwill Outlet and walked out with a satisfactory amount of phones and the lamp that also made it into the shoot. I will definitely be back there for other shoots because SO MUCH RANDOM STUFF and clothes galore!!

But anyways, being short on time and spending ALL of the day before the shoot running around, meant that I was on my back porch at 1 am spray painting phones on my back porch as rain poured down and again in the morning while my girls got hair and make up done. Which meant that by the time we started to shoot…you guessed it the phones were dry but not “cured” and the cords, yep, those were still tacky.

I share all this so that anyone reading, especially photographers, who often wonder how I pull these shoots off…well it’s a whole lot of craziness and time spent running around to bring the visions to life. So NUTS, but so worth it to create something for me and my street team girls that is fun and that they’ll be talking about for years to come.

Shout out to the team that helped me bring this to life:

MKUP the Beauty Studio KILLED it with this shoot. I just love working with these ladies and am in awe at the quality of work they do. The make up stays put, their ability to match different skin tones seamlessly always impresses me, and their team work mentality and passion for creating kick ass work that lines up with my vision is bar none.

Landon Wise, my studio mate, business partner, and sidekick, who steps right in and second shoots for me during these shoots. Super thankful for his willingness to indulge in these crazy shoots with me.

Enjoy these!! Without a doubt these are among my favorite images I’ve ever created for a Street Team shoot!! if you love what you see, leave my girls and the team some love!!

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