Happy Prom Season!

Prom Season is in full bloom here in Central PA! Back when I was in high school, I know I was thinking about my dress, my hair, what the average temperature and humidity percentage were for a seasonal day in May…. you know, the small stuff…well before the carving of the turkey on Thanksgiving.  Some may say I was a planner, but really it was my obsession with all things beautiful that got me so (prematurely) motivated for prom season.

Prom styles aren’t about the tightest curl or the pinkest lipstick anymore! So we wanted to put together a few looks to provide our High School Juniors and Seniors with some inspiration for Prom 2014. 

For our first look, I wanted to go dark, dare I say Gothic? I found inspiration in the high school senior who spends her study hall time in the art room and listen’s to music NOT found on the local pop radio stations. This is the girl that lives on the edge of social status quo and does that with a bit of “mysterious” smile that makes everyone curious as to what she’s thinking.



With a black gown as the foundation, I wanted Kelly to look mysterious yet enchanted. For the hair, we wanted to make Kelly’s hair as big as it could get. The accessories provided by the Boutique at Salon Noti and Taylored for You really pulled our look together. The headband gave Kelly almost a halo and the black/iridescent earrings matched her her gown to a ‘T’. Remember, when putting together any look, be sure to select one statement piece and then build your jewelry collection around it. With this look, we went with the headband as our focal point. From there we added the earrings and a bracelet as accents, but notice that we kept her neck bare.


Mechanicsburg High School Senior Photographer_0193

Mechanicsburg High School Senior Photographer_0194

Mechanicsburg High School Senior Photographer_0192

Mechanicsburg High School Senior Photographer_0191Mechanicsburg High School Senior Photographer_0198

Mechanicsburg High School Senior Photographer_0195


Let me just say, there is no such thing as too much tulle! That is the fabric that gave Kelly’s dress so much lift. There is a fine chiffon overlay with intricate beading detail,  but for this look, it was all tulle baby.

So when you’re shopping for the perfect prom dress and tulle is in your future, whether dark and nostalgic or pale and whimsical, think layers. Tulle works well as both accent or full body. And most importantly, it hasn’t gone out of style since ’85 so it’s here to stay :)


Stay tuned for more prom looks coming later this week! Lots in store!

Xoxo – Stephanie

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