Giving back. Paying it forward. Using what you have to bless others.  Those philosophies are inherently a part of what Slice of Lime is all about.

When I read the nomination letter for our winner, Essence, the following jumped out at me:

“…She is a young lady that faces the adversity…each and every day, yet she continues to move toward the light at the end of the tunnel. In spite of her situation, she is honest, compassionate, and always willing to lend a hand to assist someone as best she can. She is a young lady with a positive vision who wants to succeed in life. She comes to school with a positive outlook everyday and when things seem to get a little dim, she regroups, reminds herself that it could be worse, and moves forward. She doesn’t ask for hand outs nor does she use her situation as a crutch. Essence is a humble young lady who constantly strives to improve herself as well as encourages other students to make the right decision…She counts each day as a blessing and tries to improve upon the opportunities afforded to her.”

I knew immediately, we had our winner.

After announcing her as our Prom Pretty Giveaway winner. Essence was brought to Taylored for You in Mechanicsburg by her teacher, Ms. Cynthia Miller, who had so kindly nominated her for our giveaway. After being greeted by owner Taylor Eisenberger, Essence went “to town” and tried on everything she could!

Central PA High School Senior Photographer_0288Central PA High School Senior Photographer_0289Central PA High School Senior Photographer_0290

Ms. Cynthia, Essence’s teacher, and her God son, Mr. Gary, were just as excited for Essence and ensured that they assisted her with getting all the things she needed for Prom Day…from jewelry to shoes to Mr. Gary even playing chauffeur for Essence on Prom Day.
Central PA High School Senior Photographer_0287

Central PA High School Senior Photographer_0286

Fast forward to this past Saturday and Essence’s Day of Pampering for Prom began at Salon Noti in Lemoyne, where owner, Tiffany Novak, treated Essence to her very first pedicure, manicure, airbrush make up, and hair. As you will see below, there was no hiding just how excited Essence was throughout the day.

Central PA High School Senior Photographer_0250Central PA High School Senior Photographer_0249Central PA High School Senior Photographer_0252Central PA High School Senior Photographer_0257

That is the face of a girl realizing she was getting airbrush make up. Super exciting to see just how appreciative and genuinely happy she was for each part of her experience.
Central PA High School Senior Photographer_0258Central PA High School Senior Photographer_0259

With hair and make up ready…Essence could finally get into her gorgeous gown!
Central PA High School Senior Photographer_0255Central PA High School Senior Photographer_0254Central PA High School Senior Photographer_0261

The gorgeous corsage was provided by Robin at Garden Bouquet in Mechanicsburg. She did a beautiful job!Central PA High School Senior Photographer_0260Central PA High School Senior Photographer_0263Central PA High School Senior Photographer_0264

Right as we finished up at Salon Noti, a torrential downpour ensued. Luckily, I was able to go to one of my favorite spots to snap some shots of Essence and her date without needing to worry about the rain. Central PA High School Senior Photographer_0266Central PA High School Senior Photographer_0267Central PA High School Senior Photographer_0268Central PA High School Senior Photographer_0270Central PA High School Senior Photographer_0271Central PA High School Senior Photographer_0272Central PA High School Senior Photographer_0273Central PA High School Senior Photographer_0274Central PA High School Senior Photographer_0276Central PA High School Senior Photographer_0277Central PA High School Senior Photographer_0279Central PA High School Senior Photographer_0278
Central PA High School Senior Photographer_0281Central PA High School Senior Photographer_0282

Essence, we hope you had a wonderful time with your friends! You are a lovely young lady and we wish you nothing but the best in all your future endeavors. Thank you for letting us be a part of your special day!


  1. Mrs. Aslan says:

    I got goose bumps looking at these beautiful pictures. Essence is such a sweet and deserving young lady. She is always beaming with positive energy. I am so happy for her.
    Thank you to Cynthia Miller for nominating her and to everyone who made this experience possible for Essence.

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