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Emil and I both love fall fashion and are always keeping our eyes peeled for what inspires us and our own wardrobes for the fall. We have a fall fashion Pinterest board for our seniors to help give them some direction on what’s in, looks great, and photographs well. However, one of the places we find the most inspiration is from our very own Slice Seniors!

A few months back we had the pleasure of photographing twins, Alexa and Claudia. Working with these two girls was a DREAM. From the moment we met them, we knew they had an eye for style. We talked for hours about all of our favorite places to shop, brands, fabrics, colors, whose and whats and wheres and whys.  We discussed their dreams of being a part of the fashion industry, possibly being business owners, and so much more. So when Emil and I wanted senior influence on this upcoming fall fashions, contacting the twins was an easy “duh” moment. Eagerly, they were willing to put their “best boot forward” and join us for a fun, full-on fall fashion shoot that allowed each of them to showcase their own unique fall looks, all with articles of clothing from their very own closets. I followed up on our shoot with a little Q&A, and here is what they had to say about their style and what teens in Central PA are looking for this coming fall.

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{Slice}What websites, social media outlets do you reference most for fashion ideas?

{Alexa} I follow free people and all of their branch stores that I visit most frequently and draw a lot of my looks from that, as well as Pinterest on occasion. My all-time favorite reference is Vanessa Hudgens, she is not only my fashion inspiration but also what caused me to change my hair. I typically just throw an outfit together and the less matching for me the better.

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{Claudia} Instagram and Pinterest definitely inspire the little aspect of my outfits like accessories, concepts, even shoes. The small pieces are the most important because they can pull your whole outfit together. A lot of my outfit piece ideas come from vogue.com, even though it’s a magazine, the online portion is nice because it helps give me the shape, color, and layering aspects of my outfits that I know are in style with the Vogue!

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I actually do not read any magazines but I absolutely adore getting lookbooks in the mail from places like Topshop, Urban Outfitters, and Free People.

{Slice} Can you tell me about your outfits? Is there a mix of different brands? What drew you to the colors of your outfits?

{Claudia} Fall colors are my favorite! The tan/orange skirt and maroon dress are both the perfect fall colors because not only do you highlight the beautiful fall leaf tones, you also have flattering colors on. No matter your skin tone, fall colors like tan, burnt orange, maroon, chocolate brown, etc. all look good because they won’t make you look too pale or too tan.

Mixing brands is a must! From a former seasons Free People skirt with a tank top from Nordstorms and a Forever 21 dress, no matter the brand, the look can still be pulled together as long as each piece has the same style to it the outfit does not need to be brand-specific.

{Alexa} Both of my outfits had a pretty big versatility of brands to them, my wrap shirt (which are my all-time favorites) I got from Forever 21, they have them in every color and pattern you could imagine and are typically less than twenty dollars which is awesome. My black jeans are my go to when I just can’t figure out what to wear, throw on any color top that is a fall color and you are set. My lace dress is also from Forever 21 and has been sitting in my closet for years unworn, I threw one of my many favorite Free People sweaters over it, a pair of thigh highs from Urban Outfitters and boom your perfect cozy yet cute fall outfit. And of course I can’t forget my Frye Company Boots! My favorite fall colors are army green and a red wine, these both pair great with neutrals and statement jewelry, also my go to look.

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{Slice} If you could describe your fall fashion in just a few words, what would it be?

{Claudia} I have my indie, free spirit looks and my grungy and dark looks…It could go either way based on my mood but regardless, they are both styles that are easy to pull off and always look great!

{Alexa} Sophisticated yet always somehow cozy.

{Slice} Outside of the actual clothes, what else do you do to add to your fall looks? Hair? Makeup? Accessories?

{Claudia} Gold, gold, and more gold. From gold nails, to the gold jewelry, and of course the gold and copper toned eye shadow, it is the perfect touch to any fall outfit. It is a bright but subtle touch to your dark toned outfits.

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{Alexa} I almost always have my hair down in the fall or in a side braid. When wearing statement jewelry it is best in my opinion to wear my hair in a side braid so people can see the necklace well. A dark brown/gold mix for eye shadow is my fall preference, while not being light and summery it isn’t overly dark.

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Emil and I have so much respect for these two young ladies and are so grateful to call them Slice Seniors. We wish them the all the best and want to congratulate them on being part of the Class of 2015.

Cheers and Happy Fall Friends!



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