So excited to introduce Miss Caitlyn. Super sweet and incredibly hardworking, I’m thrilled to have Caitlyn on our Model team this year and am really looking forward to her senior shoot in the next few weeks. Spend anytime with her and you know without question that her family is her world. Super excited to have had the chance to meet both her mother and her grandmother, who she cites below as who she admires most in her life. But enough with the chatter…on below to our favorites of Caitlyn from the Boho themed styled group shoot.

Hair and make up:  Salon Noti

Apparel: Apricot Lane Lancaster

Styling: Stephanie, A Slice of Style

East Pennsboro Senior Photographer_0192

How would your friends describe you? 
My friends would describe me as outgoing and bubbly.East Pennsboro Senior Photographer_0194
Tell me a little about your involvement in school & in the community: (sports, church, volunteer work, etc.)
Being a junior in high school, school is the most important aspect of my life, other than family and friends. I am taking many honors and AP classes, with my grades reflecting the hard work I put into my schooling. I have been a part of the East Pennsboro chorus for the last two years that I have attended the school; I love being able to express myself and my passions among an amazing group of peers who enjoy music just as much as I do. I have also been a participant to the East Pennsboro swim team. Outside of school I hostess at Red Robin, I am currently looking into a life guarding position so that I will be able to also work at a pool in the summer months. During the summer I am also hoping to shadow a veterinarian to get a feel for the every day duties that the job initials. I am going to major in pre veterinary in college and the experience will look great on applications.East Pennsboro Senior Photographer_0193
What accomplishment are you most proud of up to this point in your life?
I am the most proud of my academic success which lead me to be able to be nominated and accepted into NYLSC (National Young Leaders State Conference). The state conference was held in Harrisburg, with attendees from all over Pennsylvania. After days of seminars, speeches, and many inside jokes with my new found friends, I was bestowed with the honor of giving the commencement speech at our “graduation”. I have been invited back to the conference, this time on a national scale, which will be held in Washington D.C. East Pennsboro Senior Photographer_0190
What INSPIRES you? 
I draw inspiration from my family. My mom and grandmother are the strongest people I know and pass on their knowledge and wisdom to me whenever they can.East Pennsboro Senior Photographer_0191
How do you define STYLE? How do you define BEAUTY? 
I define style as an individuals combination of their personality with their clothes, accessories, makeup, ect. No ones style is the same, it is individualized to each person. I define beauty as who you are as a person, not how you look. Who you are, what you do, and how you treat others makes you beautiful.

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