There are people you meet in life that just exude this energy that makes you want to get to know and just be around them….Taundi is one of those people. After I met with Taundi the first time, I remember texting Stephanie and saying “I love this girl already.”  I am super grateful to have her representing Slice of Lime this year and am excited to get to shoot her again and again. Here are some of my faves from her part of the spokesmodel shoot.

Harrisburg Area Senior Photographer_0106

How would your friends describe you? 
I think they would describe me as an outgoing, talkative person, who loves to be around people.

Harrisburg Area Senior Photographer_0107 Tell me a little about your involvement in school & in the community: (sports, church, volunteer work, etc.)
I am in numerous clubs at school which includes: T.A.L.L, Key club, Four Diamonds, Caring Team, and Direct Call. I am on the Outdoor and Indoor track team as well as cross country so obviously I am an avid runner. If I am accepted into the program at Holy spirit I will be volunteering there once a week during the summer. 

Harrisburg Area Senior Photographer_0108 What accomplishment are you most proud of up to this point in your life?
I think my biggest accomplishment so far is making through this life without giving up. Everyone has had there fair share of struggles and I know I definitively have. I look back now knowing how many times that it just seemed too much to handle. The fact that I got through one of the hardest times of my life and was changed for the better not worst, deserves to be exalted higher than simply making honor roll or getting MVP on the track team.Harrisburg Area Senior Photographer_0109 What INSPIRES you? 
Nature definitively inspires me most. It can be simple enough as a the first bud after winter to motivate me to persevere. Harrisburg Area Senior Photographer_0110Central PA Senior Photographer_0213 How do you define STYLE? How do you define BEAUTY? 
Style and Beauty have become so twisted in the worlds view. Beauty has become another word for the perfect body and makeup; and style has become brands. In my opinion it has nothing to do with that. Beauty is confidence; confidence in who you are. Beauty is when the youthful spirit shines through and illuminates your entire existence. It begins when you decide to be yourself and let the masks fall away. That is when you are truly beautiful. Beauty goes hand in hand with style as well. Style cannot be categorize into one simple thing. Style is unique, personalized and another way to express yourself to the world. Its not just whats on the hottest fashion show, its you. So I believe beauty comes from when you find and express your own unique style.Harrisburg Area Senior Photographer_0111 Harrisburg Area Senior Photographer_0112

  1. Cathy Ginder says:

    That’s my Taundi-Bear! :)

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