To Me, Real Beauty is….

  • accepting who you are, imperfections and all, but always striving to always be your best self
  • loving fiercely and loyally
  • spreading kindess, empowering others, lending a helping hand
  • connecting with others
  • knowing that there are always ways to grow and who you are is ALWAYS evolving
  • everything to do with what stirs your soul and pursuing those things relentlessly

When I think of the women throughout my life that exemplify REAL BEAUTY, I think of my beloved, Mami. She graced this earth for only 38 years, but as I reflect on the aspects of who she was that I got to experience, she was the very definition of REAL BEAUTY to me.  Selfless, kind, charitable, always looking out for her sisters, her church family, her friends….even when we had nothing, she found ways to give back and help others. As a child/teen/young adult, you create this sense of world where you see what you want to see and as I think back, there were WITHOUT QUESTION struggles and sacrifices that she made that I won’t ever truly know about. She loved fiercely and used her gifts to bless the lives of others and with my dad make a life for myself and my four siblings and that was the best she could give with what she had. It’s been 15 years since her loss, but the way she lived is at the core of the woman that I have become. Impacting the lives of others is very much tied to what REAL BEAUTY means to me,  and in my book she was THE definition of REAL BEAUTY, and always will be.

“Beauty isn’t about your size, your shape or your clothes.  

Beauty is found in kindness, courage and compassion.  

Lets stand together and revive the real meaning of beauty.”

–Michelle Gifford, BEAUTY REVIVED                           

Please take the time to join me and of some other amazing photographers from across the country as we band with Michelle, to host the first America’s 50 Most Beautiful Women’s campaign.

The rules are simple:
-Any woman in the U.S. can be nominated
-Woman should be nominated because of their real, inner beauty.
-One woman will be chosen to represent each state, be given a Beauty Revived photo session and be featured in an upcoming Beauty Revived magazine.

To nominate the women in your lives that SHINE and spread their beauty to others visit here:


Live. Love. Shoot. INSPIRE.


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