Happy Monday Folks.

I’m so excited to introduce, Libby, who will be interning with Slice of Lime this fall!!! It has been weeks of go go go around here and I am so happy to finally be able to introduce her to all of you.

Libby is a Senior at East Hempfield High School and I’m super excited to have her join us. Fashion File Fridays will be reprised with Libby at the helm offering us her thoughts and views on what is hot for high school seniors & what to wear for those fall senior sessions, homecoming, and must haves for those chilly Pennsylvania winters.

But enough of my gabbing….here’s our mini intro & interview with Libby!

Central PA Senior Photographer Carlisle_0287

Libby is no stranger to the world of entrepreneurship as her mom owns Geneva Bakery  which  just moved to a retail location and added a coffee shop in East Petersburg! Libby herself is a photographer and has started to venture into her own entrepreneurial adventures with photography! She and I have a mutual love of run down, grungy, old urban locations. It was love at first chat ha ha ha.
 Here are a few quick questions to let you get to know her a little better!
1. Favorite song of all time:
 That’s a hard one. I actually don’t know. I love Taylor Swift though.
2. If you were only allowed to choose ONE accessory from your closet to wear all day, every day, till infinity, what would you choose?
BOOTIES. I’m obsessed with booties. I have 5 pairs I think? I love them, they go with everything!
3. What inspires you?
Something that inspires me is the people who go through such awful things in their life and are still positive, strong people. It’s amazing.
4. What is your definition of beauty?
Beauty is just feeling good about yourself. Whether you’re wearing make up, no make up, dressed up, dressed down, whatever, if you feel good you look good. You shouldn’t worry about what other people say only your opinion about yourself matters.
5. What is your definition of style?
Style to me is what outwardly defines someone. It’s a way for people to show who they are. It doesn’t matter what’s “in” at the time, it’s just what that person enjoys to wear and that’s what matters the most.
6. What are you most excited to learn about during your internship with Slice of Lime?
I’m excited for everything!! But I guess mostly just learning all that goes into owning and running a photography business. And I’m excited to go along to Emil’s photoshoots to watch her work!
Super excited to have Libby on board for the fall and can’t wait to see what adventures she will get to join me on!! :)

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