When Micayla and I met, she was very open in discussing her want for something different that wasn’t like “typical senior pictures” and that were not over processed, that were not forced, and that were simply just HER.  She shared of  her love for the band Phinehas and just how much she was inspired by their music. By the end of the consult, I had a location pegged for Micayla. It’s always a pleasant surprise however when you return to a location you have shot at previously and discover an area of the location you did not know even existed!

Enjoy some of my faves from her shoot!

Susquenita High School Senior Photographer_0001Susquenita High School Senior Photographer_0003
Susquenita High School Senior Photographer_0006Susquenita High School Senior Photographer_0007Susquenita High School Senior Photographer_0004Susquenita High School Senior Photographer_0008Susquenita High School Senior Photographer_0009Susquenita High School Senior Photographer_0010Susquenita High School Senior Photographer_0012 Susquenita High School Senior Photographer_0013Susquenita High School Senior Photographer_0014Susquenita High School Senior Photographer_0016Susquenita High School Senior Photographer_0015Susquenita High School Senior Photographer_0017Susquenita High School Senior Photographer_0021Susquenita High School Senior Photographer_0020Susquenita High School Senior Photographer_0022

Sadly, the night after my consultation with Micayla, she lost her best friend in a tragic accident. Honoring him during her session was very important to her. She and he had made these white crosses together at one point in time and she brought them along in hopes that we could  work them into her shoot as a way to honor his memory.

In my time as a photographer, I have never been moved to tears during an actual shoot, but there was something very special and magical about creating these images for Micayla and I couldn’t help but well up while taking them. And even more special were all the little signs we kept seeing throughout the shoot that her friend, Bryce, was tagging along on our shoot too. :)

Susquenita High School Senior Photographer_0023

Susquenita High School Senior Photographer_0026Susquenita High School Senior Photographer_0028Susquenita High School Senior Photographer_0029Susquenita High School Senior Photographer_0031Susquenita High School Senior Photographer_0030Susquenita High School Senior Photographer_0032Susquenita High School Senior Photographer_0034Susquenita High School Senior Photographer_0035Susquenita High School Senior Photographer_0036

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