If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a MILLION times….


Sit with me for a sec, for a little story time.

Not long after my street team applications closed, I got an email in my inbox.  The email explained how this person had considered applying for my street team, but decided against it because “she wasn’t much of a model” but that she loved my photography and wondered if I was interested in an intern or perhaps just a student to assist? With my to do list never ending and at that time, me being on the verge of making my decision to go full time, I invited her in to the studio for an interview and to chat more about what I’d be looking for…  ( only of course, AFTER promptly explaining that NONE of my street team kids were models! That they were all just regular seniors just like her!!)

Needless to say, her interview went great! And this week, just in time for my 2018 Street Team hang, the lovely Ingrid walked through my studio doors to start her internship. I have been so, so, so beyond blessed to get some of the most stylish kids around in front of my lens…but besides their love of style, there’s so much more to each of these kiddos, and Ingrid is NO exception. I love that she took a chance and contacted me because her vibe is the PERFECT fit for Slice and I’m so excited about the things we have in store for her in the coming year.

Besides, helping with the usual “intern-y” things, Ingrid will be taking the lead and collaborating with me on running the Slice of Style instagram account, which on her first day she showed up with a LIST of ideas on how to take that to a whole other level. To say I’m peeing my pants with excitement about the ideas she’s proposed for a Slice of Style is an understatement. As she was sharing the ideas she came up with, I was trying to be all “low key” about it, but I was sitting there like “DUDE? Why did I not think of these things?????”

Strap in kids, because this girl is driven, has killer ideas for how to really offer our Slice Seniors more than just style inspiration and I can’t wait for us to dive into bringing these ideas of hers to life and sharing them with all our seniors!! I am beyond grateful that Ingrid took a chance, put herself out there, and EMAILED ME!! Because seriously, we were meant to connect!

Now enough with my gushing…here are a few things about her in her own words. Scroll down so you don’t miss a thing!

Slice of Lime Photography_0170

“Hello! I’m Ingrid! I’m a Soon-to-be-Senior from Central Dauphin High School. I want to go to fashion school (hopefully at FIT in New York or Drexel in Philadelphia.) My dream is to be a fashion photographer or videographer with a fashion brand. Free people, Acne Studios would be perfect!

Slice of Lime Photography_0166A few random facts about ME!

I love… my cat. Simba is an orange fat kitty that I love so much. He loves to cuddle with me sometimes..but sadly he always choses my mom over me.

Slice of Lime Photography_0167

I can’t live without MUSIC! Music relieves my stress just by singing to a good song! Listening to my favorite artists instantly gives me peace of mind! Speaking of which, you can find me having a dance party to Odesza or two door cinema club. But, I also love rap artists, like Travis Scott and Asap Rocky. I have a very diverse playlist.

Slice of Lime Photography_0169If I had to decide where to spend ALL my money…Uhh! That’s too hard to decide…everywhere??? If I had to choose, I’d say Free People, Urban Outfitters and high fashion brands like Commes Des Garcons, Saint Laurent and Gucci. However, since I don’t have Gucci type of money, you can often find me at Goodwill!! I love buying 20 shirts for $10 and using my thrift store finds to recreate looks similar to what you find at Urban Outfitters.Slice of Lime Photography_0174

I am so excited to be working with a unique and inspiring photographer like Emil. I can’t wait to share new ideas and styles with this year’s Slice Seniors!!! And I am also so excited to be working with and meeting the street team this year!!”

Slice of Lime Photography_0168

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