Slice of Lime Photography_0179If you follow me on Social Media, you’ve seen the announcements that I am partnering up with some awesome teens from Hershey High School who are using their voices to make an impact not just in our local community, but in OUR WORLD. What better day to have one of them take over the blog with a guest post than WORLD WATER day!!!  Scroll down to read more and then make it a point to visit the links noted below the help them exceed their goal of raising $24,000!! Everyone of us has the power to use our lives to inspire and do good in the world!

Slice of Lime Photography_0186I’m Erica Wang, a senior at Hershey High School. But I promise, I’m not making this post because I wanted to hack into Emil’s (admittedly awesome) website. Nope – instead, I’m writing this blog post because I have to tell all of you amazing, inspiring, beautiful people a secret that will change your life forever. Slice of Lime Photography_0183And it’s this: even in 2017, 663 million people don’t have access to clean water. Hundreds of millions of women and children walk 3.5 miles every day to the nearest swamp, lake, or river to gather water. When they spend hours and hours gathering water, women can’t get jobs, and kids can’t go to school. And the water that they gather is normally contaminated, and in the time that you’ve spent reading this post, 3 kids have already died from waterborne illnesses.Slice of Lime Photography_0182

So that was my first secret. But I have another, and this one’s even juicier. Ready? Here goes: we can end this global water crisis. Through an AMAZING organization called Thirst Project, my Co-Founder, Michael Miller, and I have started a movement called Walk for Clean Water. The 2nd Annual Walk for Clean Water will be held at Hershey High School on Sunday, April 9. When you register at (!!!), your registration fee gives one person clean water for life. What?!?!?!? Yes, you read that right! Just $25 will give one person clean water for life!!

Slice of Lime Photography_0190Slice of Lime Photography_0184

We decided to team up with Emil because she takes breathtaking photos and is just as wonderful of a person (as they say, her vibe attracted our tribe… ;)). Anyways, feel free to peruse through some photos from our shoot… and if you (yes, you, you crazy, wonderful, risk-taking human beings) want to change the world, join the movement to end the water crisis. You can reach out to us at, and sign up/donate at This year our motto is: We Walk, So They Don’t.
After all, water is a human right. Join the fight.Slice of Lime Photography_0188

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