Today’s post is all for my photographer friends out there!! When it comes time to start to figure out my first Senior Street team event, I always start to go a little nutso trying to narrow down what to include in their “swag bags” or this year, “swag boxes”. Having added a boy to my team this year, after much back and forth (and chatting with some photog friends for advice) I decided I wanted to keep the boxes all the same and not have to worry about have comparable items in his box vs. the girls boxes. So  I really took a more simple route when it came to assembling my boxes with things that would be cute, branded of course, and that wouldn’t end up in a junk drawer for them to discover 5 years down the road when they are almost done with their college studies.

Senior Swag Slice of Lime Photo_0212

Senior Swag Slice of Lime Photo_0205

As such, I settled on the following for their boxes:

  • Edibles! What teen doesn’t candy and sweets?! The cactus cookies are compliments of my sister, Emma. She has made them for me TWICE now for Slice events and I get nothing but compliments on how cute they look and better how YUMMY they taste.
  • Yummy soft Slice of Lime tanks/shirts. They are seriously the nicest things ever! No scratchy stiff t-shirt material here!
  • Some Slice Flair in the form of branded pins
  • Branded stickers & some inspiration stickers perfect for notebooks & laptops
  • Some ADORABLE pencils with the cutest & quirkiest sayings (You’re Fresher than Lemonade was one of my faves!)
  • A cute little notebook in a variety of colors/styles
  • In addition, I included a Calendar for them to write down all of the events we plotted out for the year, because let’s me honest, even though they may put it in their phone and we have a private Street Team page this year to remind them as well, sometimes you need to go the old fashioned way and slap something up on the fridge to remind them (and their parents) as well.

Senior Swag Slice of Lime Photo_0209

Senior Swag Slice of Lime Photo_0207

By keeping it simple this year, I was able to keep the costs down, deliver something that is true to me and my brand, and that really made the kids feel welcome and excited for the year to come. <3  I saw a few snaps on Snapchat of the box contents and the little notebook is perfect for the artists on my street team who posted about using it  for little sketches/drawings!

There’s no “right or wrong” thing to include! What do each of you include for your Senior Reps/Street Team? Would love to hear!

Senior Swag Slice of Lime Photo_0210

Senior Swag Slice of Lime Photo_0208

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