I can’t believe how quickly time flies by. I feel like I was just wrapping up my first hang with the Class of 2017 senior team, and yet here we are a few months from THEIR graduation, welcoming in the new crew!

One of the greatest things about having a studio space is that this year I did not have to worry about renting out a location to host my hang with this year’s kids! The building our small studio space is in is an old mansion that has been broken up into office spaces. However, there are some killer common areas like the living room downstairs that was plenty big to host my street team kiddos. With a conference room upstairs for food, we were all set!

After doing some ice breaker activities, we set to planning out our entire year worth of activities. The feedback from my 2017 was instrumental in finding ways to improve the street team and planning everything out for the entire year so that everyone could put dates in their calendars NOW, was essential with kiddos who are as busy as this bunch.  I love how invested the kiddos were in making the decisions and how only after a short amount of time they were really owning their ideas/brainstorming ways for us to come together!

When we finally got to taking their head shots, every one was loosened up and with some encouragement and silly antics from each other, we managed to get some really fun, personality filled shots of each of them. The three that were unable to attend, came in at later times and we snagged some awesome, fun, youth-filled shots of them too.

My biggest goal for this year, is to really provide a place for these kiddos to nurture friendships, speak openly about the fact that senior year is actually just as much sad as one chapter in life closes as it is exciting as they get ready to go off on new adventures. I feel honored and blessed beyond compare that these 17 kiddos are choosing to share a bit of their senior year with me!  Scroll down to catch a glimpse of some of my favorites. As you will see, we have quite the characters in this year’s crew.

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